Trump’s Budget Makes Working Families Pay for Tax Cuts

In December, President Trump and the Republican Congress pushed through $1.5 trillion in trickle-down tax cuts, with big business and the super-rich pocketing 82 percent of the benefits. Now we know who Trump wants to pick up the tab: YOU.

Working Families Forgotten. In next year’s proposed budget, Trump cuts $1.5 trillion from core government programs, like the ones that help working families afford medical care, educate their kids from kindergarten through college, find and keep new and better jobs, and put a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

Let’s review that again: Under the Trump plan, corporations and the super-wealthy get to pocket nearly $1.5 trillion—that’s TRILLION—and pays for it by cutting $1.5 trillion in programs that help average families.

Americans Oppose These Cuts—What Will the Republican-Controlled Congress Do?  By overwhelming margins, Americans oppose cuts in these programs, especially Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which Trump promised not to harm. Now, Congress will have the last word on the budget.  Will they stand with working families or the billionaires?