Trump Turns His Back on Factory Workers

During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump traveled across the country promising to save workers’ jobs and paychecks. But now, President Trump’s budget turns its back on those workers.

Forgetting Factory Towns. Trump’s budget cuts more than $300 million in spending on vital economic development programs. This would include eliminating the $251 million Economic Development Administration, which boosts manufacturing in “distressed” communities, as well as eliminating the $125 million Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which funds manufacturing innovation centers. These programs helped hard-pressed communities, including:

  • An automotive research center in Flint, Michigan;
  • A business incubator in Bluefield, West Virginia;
  • $15 million for coal communities and $13 million for struggling manufacturers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Texas.

Disregarding Displaced Workers. Trump’s budget also cuts almost all dislocated worker grants for those who have lost their jobs from plant closings or natural disasters.