Trump Budget Fails Kids, from Pre-K through College

Billionaire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos never taught in, administered, attended, or sent her kids to public schools. While she deserves an “incomplete” in experience, the Trump administration’s budget gets an “F” for failing kids from pre-K through college.

Shortchanging Public Schools. With the biggest reductions in 30 years, the budget cuts $13 billion for Head Start preschools, $1.2 billion from afterschool programs, and $2 billion from recruiting, preparing, retaining, and paying public school teachers. These cuts mean larger class sizes, fewer resources for teachers, and greater turnover of experienced educators.

Subsidizing Private Schools. Meanwhile, the budget pours $500 million more into DeVos’ and Trump’s real priority: subsidies for parents paying private-school tuitions.

College for Rich Kids Only? The budget makes it much more difficult for working families to send their kids to college:

  • Cutting about $200 billion from student aid programs over 10 years;
  • Eliminating the subsidized student loan program;
  • Freezing “Pell Grants” for almost 8 million low-income kids; and,
  • Getting rid of student-loan forgiveness for young people who promise to take public service jobs.