From Layoffs to Wage Theft, Trump Abandons Women Workers

“Angry and frustrated.”

That’s how Renee Elliott feels after being laid off from Carrier Corp., the Indiana air conditioning and refrigerator manufacturer that is eliminating 555 workers’ jobs and shipping many of them to Mexico. In this NBC News video, she explains her feelings of betrayal by President Trump, who promised to save her job.

From trickle-down tax cuts to winking at wage theft, the Trump administration is shortchanging working women:

Tip Theft. Trump’s Labor Department is pushing through a rule that would let restaurant owners “pool” and pocket workers’ tips. Because women are more likely to be tipped workers and to earn lower wages, they’ll lose an estimated $4.6 billion annually.

Killing Fair Pay Rule. The Trump administration has repealed an Obama-era rule requiring companies with more than 100 employees to report how much they pay their male and female workers. Using that data, the federal government could detect patterns of pay discrimination—and take action to raise women’s wages.

$1.5 Trillion for the Rich; $1.50 for You. To pay for Trump’s $1.5 trillion trickle-down tax cut, the administration and Congress are getting ready to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and child care for working women and their families. What are working women receiving in return? Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan proudly tweeted that a school secretary is getting a $1.50-a-week raise.