First in a Series: The Trump Administration Fails Workers

President Trump says he’s fighting for working Americans. But, as his administration passes the one-year mark, its actions speak louder than his words.

Drawing on a report by the Economic Policy Institute, here are five (of many) ways they’re robbing workers’ paychecks and risking workers’ lives:

  1. Costing Workers $1.2 Billion in Overtime Pay: In October, Trump’s Department of Labor killed the Obama administration’s rule making workers who earn up to $47,476 a year eligible for overtime pay. As a result, 12.5 million workers lost $1.2 billion a year.
  2. Ripping Off Servers’ Tips: Trump’s Labor Department allows employers to “pool” and pocket servers’ tips. This means employers can now pay tipped employees minimum wage and keep the rest of their tips. This could cost tipped workers $5.8 billion a year.
  3. Spending the Taxpayers’ Money on Crooked Contractors: In March, Trump and his Republican Congress blocked a rule that prevented the federal government from contracting with companies that had records of violating workers’ rights, from wage theft to job safety violations. Before the rule was put into effect, the federal government “paid” $81 billion in a single year to these bad corporations. Now they’ll be eligible for more ripoffs.
  4. Giving Safety Violators a Get-out-of-Jail Free Card: In April, Trump signed a resolution blocking the Workplace Injury and Illness recordkeeping rule. As a result, employers no longer need to keep records of employees’ illnesses and injuries, making it harder to prosecute lawbreakers or learn from past mistakes.
  5. Letting Wall Street Siphon Your Savings: The Trump administration also put a freeze on an Obama-era rule protecting workers’ retirement savings from investment advisers making recommendations in which they might have a conflict of interest. This could cost those saving an estimated $18.5 billion over the next 30 years in lost earning potential.