A Year into Trump Presidency, U.S. Auto Manufacturing Jobs Down

Trump Takes Credit: President Trump took credit for Fiat Chrysler moving production of the Ram Truck plant from Mexico to Michigan. But, while that’s good news, many of the 2,500 new positions will be filled by workers who lost jobs at other plants.

Big Picture Bleaker: Employment at the new Ram Truck factory will not make up for last year’s net loss of American auto manufacturing jobs. From December 2016 to November 2017, the number of Americans working in the motor vehicle and parts manufacturing industry declined from 788,900 to 783,200.

UAW is Waiting for Jobs Promised by GM and White House: Last winter, autoworkers were optimistic about a White House press release that announced GM was creating 900 new auto manufacturing jobs across three Michigan plants over the next year. But from January 2017 to January 2018, the company lost 3,500 hourly workers. While GM was still able to maintain or create some jobs, UAW leaders have been disappointed with the company and Trump administration.

Todd Trout, UAW Local 602, Lansing Delta Bargaining chairman, told the Detroit Free Press:

“Our members are still eagerly awaiting the jobs that GM announced to much fanfare last winter in an effort to please the White House. In fact, since then, some members have suffered layoffs. While we appreciate those jobs that have been created, the reality is far short of the commitment from the press release sent out last winter.”