Trump Making Millions More in Shadowy Sales to Foreigners

Are you wondering why President Trump favors foreign steelmakers, pushed through a tax plan with incentives for offshoring American jobs and still hasn’t cracked down on China’s trade abuses?

Then as they say “just follow the money.” Or watch where the Trump family’s real estate empire is covering its tracks.

  • Shadowy Buyers: As USA Today recently reported, the Trump companies sold more than $35 million in real estate last year, “mostly to secretive shell companies.”
  • What Happens in Las Vegas: Look at Las Vegas, where Trump sold 41 luxury condo units for $1.6 million each. Most of the buyers hid behind “limited liability companies” without revealing their names. At least one known buyer was a German couple, but Trump’s company says the sale wasn’t a “foreign deal,” which the President promises to avoid.
  • Not the First Time: If Trump’s making megabucks from foreign buyers, it isn’t the first time. Ten years ago, Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev bought Trump’s Palm Beach mansion for $95 million — by $13 million more than the largest previous sale in Palm Beach.
  • Time for Transparency: Congressional watchdogs are demanding transparency from Trump about his companies’ real estate sales. After all, he’s promised to put America first, not foreign interests competing with our workers and businesses, while turning greater profits for himself and his family.Trump Making Millions More in Shadowy Sales to Foreigners