It Takes More than Tax Break$ to Save Jobs

Remember when Donald Trump stood outside the Carrier heating and air conditioner plant in Indianapolis and promised to save more than 1,100 jobs in return for $7 million in state and local tax breaks?
Unfortunately, Trump’s promises fell apart. About 340 Carrier workers lost their jobs in July, and another 215 workers are being laid off on today.
Despite the human tragedy at Carrier, Republicans slashed taxes on businesses by $1 trillion in their new law and claim it will lead to more jobs.
While Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, made over $7 billion in profits in 2015, it was lured by low wages in Mexico. Represented by the United Steelworkers, which Trump shut out of negotiations, three quarters of Carrier’s Indiana workers make about $26 an hour, and many earn more than $70,000 a year with overtime. But the base pay for the workers in Mexico will be only $3.00-an-hour.
The lesson: It takes more than closed-door deals, media events and corporate tax breaks to save workers’ jobs.

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