Don’t Fall for Far Right’s Fake News: Teamsters Are Pitching in for Puerto Rico

Did you hear that hurricane victims in Puerto Rico aren’t getting food, water and other essential supplies because striking truck drivers are delaying deliveries?

Right-wing websites are spreading this story to blame union workers for the Trump Administration’s sluggish response that has left more than half of Puerto Rico’s population without drinking water, electrical power and other basic necessities.

While Gateway Pundit, Conservative Treehouse and other extremist media have helped this rumor go viral, it’s “fake news.” These websites have misquoted US Air Force Colonel Michael A. Valle, who’s heading relief efforts, ignoring his statement that the drivers deserve “zero blame.”

The facts are: Teamsters in Puerto Rico aren’t on strike. And truckers are having a hard time getting to the port of San Juan and moving supplies around the island because there’s a shortage of diesel fuel, debris and downed power lines are blocking the roadways and cell service is off-and-on, making it difficult to dispatch drivers.

While others are playing the blame game, the national Teamsters Union is recruiting drivers from the mainland and the island to help distribute relief supplies.

As in other disasters, union members are pitching in, while union-baiters are slinging mud.