When It’s U.S. Jobs vs China, Which Side Is Trump On?

President Trump talks tough about China’s trade abuses and promises to “Buy American.” But nothing happens. Why?

Maybe it’s because Trump’s family business empire is entangled with foreign interests, especially China. Case in point:

As McClatchy newspapers recently reported, CSCEC — a construction conglomerate owned by the Chinese government — has a $32 million contract to build a six-lane road at the Trump World Golf Club in Dubai.

With almost $130 billion in revenues, CSCEC is China’s 7th largest company. For several years, CSCEC was banned from projects financed by the World Bank because of alleged corruption in bidding for a roads project in the Philippines.

The contract was awarded earlier this year by Trump’s partner in the project, DAMAC Properties, just as Trump was taking office and facing questions about potential conflicts of interest with his far-flung business interests.

During the campaign and transition, Trump promised his family business wouldn’t do deals with foreign governments and their companies when he became President. But, instead of a blind trust, the Trump businesses are managed by his son, Donald Jr., who’s still doing business abroad, including China.

When American businesses and workers compete with China, which side is Trump really on?