Administration Halts Rule For Fair Pay for Women

Instead of the typical showy red carpet, the #blackout at the Golden Globes this year helped shine a light that the wage gap still exists in America.

80 cents.

That’s how much working women earn, on average, for every dollar paid to working men. Black women earn only 63 cents for every dollar in a white man’s paycheck. Hispanic women? 54 cents.

To bridge that wage gap, the Obama Administration wrote a rule requiring companies with more than 100 employees to report how much they pay their workers, along with their gender and race.

Using that data, the federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission could detect patterns of pay discrimination – and take action, when necessary. Moreover, this transparency and accountability just might encourage some companies think twice about blatantly biased pay scales.

The rule was set to take effect this spring. But, five days before Labor Day (!?), the Trump Administration halted it. Their reason? Same as their “justifications” for cutting or gutting job safety and other worker protections: too costly for Corporate America. The Administration’s self-styled advocate for working women, Ivanka Trump, agreed.

The president of the National Women’s Law Center, Fatima Goss Graves, disagreed: “If you want to ignore pay inequities and sweep them under the rug, this Administration has your back.”

And, if you’re a working woman, this Administration just stabbed you in the back.